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What age do you admit children into your setting ?

Children have to have reached their second birthday before they can start at Little Stars Pre-school.

Do you have a settling in period ?

Yes, we have a settling in period which will be discussed at your initial home visit. Each settling in period will be individually suited to your child's needs.

Should I stay to settle in my child ?

We encourage parents to leave their child as soon as they feel comfortable to. This will help to enable their child to settle quickly with us.

What time should I arrive ?

Please arrive promptly for your morning (9.00am) or afternoon (12.00pm) session. This enables us to commence learning in the setting. Please advise us if you are going to be late arriving.

What should my child wear ?

We request that parents provide practical and comfortable clothes which are weather appropriate. We ask parents to name all their child’s clothes to avoid items going missing unnecessarily. Please provide clothes that are old or you do not mind getting dirty as the children will be having lots of fun! We also ask for a couple of changes of clothes in a bag, a pair of indoor shoes and wellington boots. We request that parents do not send children in with laced up shoes and boots, but instead with shoes that have Velcro straps.

Do you provide lunch ?

If your child attends a whole day session, then you will have to provide a packed lunch for them.

What should I include in my lunchbox ?

We ask that you provide a healthy, nutritious and balanced lunch for your child. We do not allow nuts, sweets, yoghurts and circular round food that your child could choke on. Examples of circular round food are grapes, cherry tomatoes, olives etc. We also ask for a named drinks bottle and lunch box.

Do you provide snacks ?

We provide fruit, milk and water which is accessible for all children during the day. Please be aware we do not provide juice for your child.

What happens if my child does not eat or drink during the day?

If your child does not eat or drink at all during the morning session and at lunch time you will be asked to collect your child.

Do you have a garden ?

Yes, we are lucky to have a lovely garden area which is used all weathers, all year round.

Does my child have to be toilet trained to attend pre-school ?

No, we admit children who are not yet toilet trained. Parents are required to supply nappies and their choice of barrier cream.

What happens if my child falls asleep ?

If your child falls asleep you will be asked to collect your child as we have no sleeping provision at pre-school.

What happens if my child is unwell.

If your child is unwell you will be asked to collect them from pre-school. Should your child be unwell at home, please adhere to our sickness and infectious disease policy. If you are unsure about your child’s health and whether to bring them into pre-school please ring us and discuss before attending.

What happens if I am late to collect my child ?

If you are going to be late to collect your child please advise the pre-school as soon as possible so we can reassure your child. Please try to arrange an alternative person to collect in cases of extreme lateness. Please also be aware there is a late fee if you are late to collect your child. This is £1 per minute.

What happens if I cannot collect my child.

Please advise the pre-school that you will not be collecting your child and who will be instead. Please note we have safeguarding procedures in place that must be followed to allow someone unknown to the pre-school to collect.

Do i have to pay any additional fees on top of my NEG funded hours.

No all hours are free at the point of delivery. The only charge that would be applied is a late collection fee if you are late collecting your child.

Can I top up my hours should I want to ?

Yes, that is possible if there is availability to do so. Please discuss with the pre-school if you are interested.

What happens if I want to change provider ?

If you want to change provider from Little Stars to another setting, the notice period is one term and must be given in writing to the pre-school.

How many weeks a year is the pre-school open

The pre-school is open and funded for 38 weeks of the year. We are open term time only and also have parent review days, staff training days and inset days. These days are planned in advance and parents are notified as soon as possible to enable you to make alternative arrangements for childcare at these times.

What do I do if a have any developmental concerns about my child.

Please share your concerns as soon as possible with the pre-school. We will always make time to see you in confidence about any concerns. You can also discuss any concerns you may have during parent review days.